Create Wealth Through Property Investment


Learn how you can grow your wealth through property invest in a systematically way that is safe and secure.

Over the years as a Property Consultant, I realise that actually many HDB owners who never believed that they will ever upgrade to a private property…

Can Actually Upgrade Rather Comfortably! ?

Well, in fact, my husband is also one of them… at first! He kept telling me “why need to upgrade? ?” and “so risky! ?”.

But after some detailed financial assessments, we discovered that he could actually do so!

We then actually Upgraded To A Private Condo ???? 4 years ago! And not only that, we Purchased Another One For Investment ? just last year!

We then used the system that we have tested and proven on ourselves on my clients, and you know what?

I realised that So Many Of Them Can Actually Do It Too! ?

And a good percentage of my clients are actually using this very system to Create Wealth Systematically and Safely through Properties. We call it the…

? P.E.R.S.E. System ?

Watch this video to discover what this P.E.R.S.E. System actually mean to you.

So what is this ? P.E.R.S.E. System ? actually?

P.E.R.S.E. is a 5-stage system that guides you from the start of your property upgrade or investment journey… all the way until you exit.

Yes, it is a long-term, very comprehensive system that Albert and I have developed.

So if you are to go through this process with us, we will guide you through these 5 stages…

Stage 1 – Potential Upside

In this first stage, Albert and I will help you identify the Potential Upside for Capital Appreciation of a few properties that you can purchase . You’ll be surprise to know that 2 developments that are just across a street from each other can have 20% difference (or more) in their Potential Upside within the same time frame! ??

Stage 2 – Entry Price

Next, we will help you determine if the property that you have chosen has the Right Entry Price. Many buyers don’t understand what is the definition of “cheap” or “expensive” today, because they base prices from years ago. What may look “expensive” today might actually be the right “Entry Price” ?. You don’t have to guess. Just leave it to us to help you determine that!

Stage 3 – Calculated Risk

Like every type of investment, property has also some inherent amount of risk. But unlike many others, we can mitigate as much of the risk as we can through a process called Detailed Financial Assessment. We will be lying to you ? if we tell you that everyone can do property upgrading and investment. So, only through an objective computation ?and analysis ?of facts and figures, can we derive the minimum Calculated Risk for you in your journey.

Stage 4 – Standby Funds

Next, we will help you plan out the worst (or best depending on your perspective ?) case scenario if someone decides that you don’t have to work. And so, even without income for up to 5 long years, your property mortgage will still be taken care of through the Standby Fund ??, or what we also call the Emergency Fund.

Stage 5 – Exit Strategy

It’s not property investing if we are only looking to buy. The final stage is the one where we help you develop an Exit Strategy. This is so that you can continue to generate even more wealth through purchasing and selling more properties in the future! ??

Want to find out for yourself if you can be like any of them who can upgrade or invest into one or more private properties and start to…

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Systematically and Safely ?

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Property Consultant

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